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Revolution by Lingrimm Revolution by Lingrimm
Our world is one
for us all
until the sky breaks
and the stars fall

We live within
a wonderland
of cog and steel
of grass and sand

Fria, our home land.

But times will change
darkness comes
shadows rise
we must build...

we must build.

Sound is here: [link]

Some time ago we took commission from Foxamoore, and we need to say that we was more then happy with it. He did a great work, write a beautiful music that blow us away from the first minutes. Amadhia (also known as Dreamsong) was also an unexpected and surprising guest – we don’t know that she will take a part in this project, but we were so happy to hear her voice. Her singing and the whole melody works beautifully together, we can’t imagine it to be separated.
We was almost crying when heard the ‘Revolution’ at the first time, no kidding x’D
All that we can say to Fox was said already, now we are speechless, so please, just go and listen to this awesome sound.
And now another one from unexpected news. When the commission was ready, :iconalectorfencer: contacts us and then we have a theme-collab with her. We agreed and, again, not regretted it - to work with her was so fun, u have no idea! It’s a big pleasure, as well as chatting with her - in general, we can call Alector "our" person, ‘cos she is close by spirit to that kind and friendly, but small circle, that we communicates with. Anyway, now we will be waiting for Fox and Aleсtor to visit us in Russia! :D Let us warm u in our cold homeland, guys xD
Thanks both of you once again for an inspiration and good mood.

Music by Foxamoor
Art-collab with :iconalectorfencer:
Lyrics, song and awesome voice belongs to Dreamsong

Characters and Ruans © The Lorem Republic Team (Lingrimm and Ray) and Mello&Snappy ♥
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December 7, 2012
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