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Here is two artists Lins and Grimm who is co-authors. We are both from Russia and live together.
We posts here some personal and commercial artworks. You can find some in the folders. Also we have another galleries, links in journal.
All concepts which you see in our gallery (exept commissions) belong to The Lorem Republic Team. What is The Lorem Republic? It is a group of a few artists who is Lingrimm, Ray Etherna, Mello and Snappy. We have some merged worlds, concepts, races and species. Do not use it without authors permission, be respectful.

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Shadowstyle143 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
cool magician 
SpaceCoboye Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
nonus here, how i have missed doing art for you both! :hug:
Am i allowed to make some pixel icons of your guys newest characters?
Lingrimm Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
O hai! 
Wow, you as always so kind! We are feeling a little awkward, but if you really want to do some... we will not mind xD 
Rukyschocoxhugs Featured By Owner 24 minutes ago
hello there ive been your watcher for some time and lately i  started to pay more and more atention to the story of the world you ar creating and as everyone from here i find the art and story quite unique . I have to point  out that originaly i never liked so called anthro-animals which from what i had seen on devianart meant an animal head atached to a perfect human anatomy  body covered in fur especialy female characters with to much curves and human boobs in other words realy strange and unpleasant sexualized animals. This world features the oposite which from start caught my eye!…
what i cheerish the most in this designs is that the only part that is left human is their facial expresion,walk in two legs and the clothes.Like the fact that theyr legs are left bare and their toes are seen, if at some point you will give them shoes i sugest shoes with toes.

From what i read on the deviantart profile you ar  part of a team who is made of 4 artists iven though i cant seem to find the other two, am i right till here?xD The thing is i lately saw some art in the same style that at first i thought its yours or at least its part of the fantasy world you are developing
for example……
which reminds me a lot of the idea related to the godess of light and life
or the birds idea which is very similar……
then one of your work…
the idea is interesting but the name of the world "Nowhere" gave me some deja vu when it comes to "Novere" art, sounds ridiculous but  the other artists account name may be after this world ...i can't know xD.
actualy in all honesty i cant realy make diference bewteen Novere and Tespia works and between yours and them so the only explanation I could come near  is probably because while you develop a part  of the Shang-la Map…
Novere develops one of the bottom maps…
thats how it looks like when you look at both map drawings in the same time
i dont know if you will ever answer to this mesage but i would like to at least  know if its a collab between you and the other 3 artists. Well i would love this answer the most since all of you have great art concepts and together could create an stunning world design, just by the look of the species  themselves and style is already memorable.
SpaceCoboye Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
:hug: Well you guys have improved so very much over the year, i still love the gift you guys did to me and my friend! You two have managed to get some pretty awesome characters!

I'll make some time to do some pixels for you guys once i feel better, don't worry i won't be gifting often or such.
Just want to show my appreciation! x)
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